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School Transport  
“Unless we start using tanks to transport students, school buses will continue to be king when it comes to protecting pupils”.
School transport is the safest way for kids to commute to the school. Keeping the convenience and safety of the students in mind, DAV Sector 14, Faridabad proudly possesses a fleet of 18(+7) buses carrying a huge number of students to and from the school regularly. All the buses are equipped with cameras and have advanced safety measures. School bus drivers are also screened and have received stringent training to observe Traffic Rules and Road Safety, use First Aid and Emergency procedures.
The school operates its own buses on specific routes, depending on the number of students on the route. Though we try our best, it may not always be possible to drop students at their doorstep or to accommodate requests for changes. Once a route has been finalised no changes/diversions can be entertained (unless very urgent), and the school seeks to support and co-operation from the parents for the same. If any student is found violating the code of conduct for the bus, the bus facility may be withdrawn. The onus of deciding the gravity of the situation is on the teacher in charge of the bus.
The transportation policies and procedures for parents are given below:
  1. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all the commuters. Therefore, buses cannot stop according to individual convenience.
  2. Parents are required to pick up the child from the designated stop. In case the parent/guardian/caretaker is not there to receive the child with the I-card, the driver is instructed to bring back the child to the school.
  3. In case of a change in route or destination, please inform the school transport authorities in writing, in advance, to facilitate efficient planning. 
  4. Students in Class V or above will be allowed to enter their homes or compounds without being met by a parent/guardian/caretaker ONLY IF a signed authorization letter is on file with the school.
  5. Students will be held responsible for any damage caused to the bus by their negligence or vandalism and a fine will be incurred.
  6. On receiving a complaint against a student causing indiscipline or being disobedient to the bus staff, his/her bus facility is liable to be withdrawn.
  7. Parents should drop their children outside the bus and should not board the school bus.
  8. Parents are requested not to complain to the bus driver, conductor or security guard but report the matter to the transport in charge/class teacher in writing.
  9. Please ensure that you understand the transport rules and encourage your child to follow them to enable the smooth running and safety of the transport system.
  • All the students using the school bus are expected to be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus.
  • Buses will not wait for latecomers.
  • Children should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.
  • No student should come near the entry door of the bus until it comes to a complete halt.
  • All students should occupy the vacant seats immediately after boarding the bus.
  • The front door of the bus is the only authorized entrance and exit.
  • Students are to occupy only one seat in the bus.
  • Talk in a quiet voice to the person next to you.
  • Do not litter on the bus, damage or destroy property.
  • The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stops only, unless otherwise directed by the teacher in the bus.
  • Be courteous to the staff on the bus and follow instructions. Always obey and respect the bus monitor/ conductor and the driver.
  • Students should board and exit the bus in an orderly and safe manner.
  • Students should not leave their seats/stand without permission from the driver.
  • Students should not get on or off the bus while it is in motion.
  • Students should not lean out of the window and should keep all body parts inside.
  • Usage of cell phones or any other electronic gadgets is not allowed.
  • No student should disturb or harass any other student, teacher or conductor in the bus.
  • When disembarking from the vehicle, students must ensure that they are carrying all their belongings and look out carefully for the road traffic.
  • Objects or eatables of any kind must not be discarded inside or thrown out of the bus.
  • Students will not indulge in any form of physical or verbal abuse.
  • Students should not play games on the bus that may cause physical harm to other students.
  • Students should not distract or interfere with the bus driver. Inappropriate distractions can cause accidents.
  • No student will tamper with bus controls or emergency equipment.
  • Students should not use an unassigned bus or unassigned bus stop without permission.
  • Any damage caused to the vehicle will be charged to the person responsible or when not owned up, divided equally amongst passengers. This is your transport and for your comfort. Take care of it.
  • Parents are requested not to complain to the bus driver/guard in case of a problem but report the matter to the transport in charge/class teacher in written.
  • To pick up the child at the bus stop, it is mandatory that the I-card is presented to the bus conductor.
  • Level One– First or minor offense, verbal warning by bus conductor.
  • Level Two– Second or more serious offense, written warning by transportation manager; Class Teacher notified, form sent home for parent signature or parents are called.
  • Level Three-bus co-ordinator contacts parents; student loses transportation privileges for one week (5 days), student placed on Behavior Probation.
  • Subsequent Offense:
Student loses bus privileges for the rest of the year, subject to additional discipline as appropriate.
When students misbehave on the bus, they put themselves and others at risk of serious injury. Therefore, it is imperative that students respect and obey the bus coordinator and the driver.
Students who come to school on their own should arrive at the school before the bell rings. No student is allowed to come to school in a self-driven scooter/motorcycle/car. Please note that no request seeking permission to allow the child to go to friends’/relatives’ houses shall be entertained.

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NOTE: For more details related to Bus Route / Stop, please contact School Transport Office.

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